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Barakah Poultry

The Freshest Chicken You'll Ever Taste

Located in Vacaville, California

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A Story of Us, Everyone, and Especially You

We want everyone to discover nature's honest and powerful flavors and experiences.

We sell poultry and take pride in the quality and taste of our meat - so much so that it's what we eat too. Our farm has been family-owned for 30+ years and we serve 100's of people annually that come to us with goals across many palates, lifestyles, and global cultures:

  • taste a first chicken straight from a farm
  • buy a bunch for a succulent BBQ with friends
  • get 5 or 10's at a time to start and sustain a more pure and protein-packed diet
  • order 100's to savor during a party or religious event
  • And more.

    We love that appreciation for high quality food experiences can unite and enrich people and communities everywhere. If you want to explore nature's pure flavors and become more connected with the origins of your food, we're your neighbors for that.

    The best way to start is to text us at (747) 333-8065. Disclaimer: we'll probably be eating or thinking about chicken when you reach us.